Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology

AASHTO Liaison
Gummad Murthy, Associate Program Director, Operations

Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology

The membership of the special committee shall comprise a chair, vice chair, secretary, three members from each Region of AASHTO, chosen for their knowledge of the radio communication needs of member departments, and one person appointed by the Federal Highway Administration, who serves ex officio at the pleasure of that Administration. The term of the three members from each region is three years, which will be staggered to provide continuity on the special committee. Members of the special committee, as designated by the President, represent the Association on the Land Mobile Communications Council and other organizations related to radio communications in which the Association may participate. The Wireless Technology Special Committee shall:

  • Monitor developments with regard to radio communications;
  • Work to secure and protect sufficient frequency assignments to meet the radio frequency and frequency management needs of the member departments;
  • Cooperate with others having common interests with member departments in securing and protecting frequencies;
  • Propose to SCOH such policy statements as it believes the Association should consider and adopt; and
  • Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, represent the interests of the Association and its member departments in proceedings before Federal agencies on radio frequency matters.

The committee shall report to the Standing Committee on Highways.

Committee Members

Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology
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